Julio Sosa - 30 Anniversario 1964-1994 (1994)
Author: evasilo
Julio Sosa - 30 Anniversario 1964-1994 (1994)

Julio Sosa - 30 Anniversario 1964-1994 (1994)
Tango | 2CD | Apple Lossless (529MB) | AAC 256kbps (180MB) | 1994 | Sony Music: Columbia 2-470459
iTunes Rip | NO LOG | NO CUE | Independent Tracks | Coverart Embedded | Full Artwork (4.3Mb) | Rapidshare

A compilation of Julio Sosa's greatest hits with the orchestras of Armando Pontier and Leopoldo Federico or simply accompanied by guitars. Contains some of the hits that made him famous: "Cambalache", "Guapo y Varón", "El Firulete", "La Cumparsita (Porque canto así)", "María" and others. Details
František Ignác Antonín Tůma - Sinfonias, Partitas & Sonata - Antiquarius Consort Praga
Author: zamorna

František Ignác Antonín Tůma - Sinfonias, Partitas & Sonata
Classical, Baroque | 1 CD | EAC | FLAC, CUE, LOG | Scans | 440 MB | Rapidshare
Recorded: Nov. 1998, Český rozhlas, Plzeń | Released: 2006 [1999] | Label: arta F10093 | TT: 69:13
Antiquarius Consort Praga (Václav Návrat, Simona Pešková - violin | Petr Hejný - cello |
Přemysl Vacek - archlute, baroque guitar | Václav Luks - harpsichord)

It is surprising that Czech composer Frantisek Ignaz Antonin Tuma (1704-74) should be remembered today for his instrumental music, given that it forms such a small part of his catalog of 224 works. [...] Tuma's music is in late baroque style, and like his countryman and older contemporary, Jan Dismas Zelenka, he employs bold chromaticism in both homophonic and polyphonic passages. Tuma was a composition student of Johann Joseph Fux, the supreme law giver of contrapuntal writing in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, and, naturally, his influence can be discerned in Tuma's fugal writing. (Michael Carter, American Record Guide, March 01, 2000.)
F-86 Sabre
Author: lout

F-86 Sabre (Walk Around 5521) By Larry Davis
Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications 2000 | 81 Pages | ISBN: 0897474090 | PDF | 18 MB
Jeff Healey - Songs From The Road (2009)
Author: perkow

Jeff Healey - Songs From The Road (2009)
Blues | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 131 MB | Cover |
Rumpler C.IV
Author: lout

Rumpler C.IV (Windsock Datafile 35) By Peter M. Grosz
Publisher: Albatros Prodns. 1992 | 40 Pages | ISBN: 094841443X | PDF | 23 MB
Robert Miles - 23am (1997)
Author: watashiwa

Robert Miles - 23am
1997 | Trance / Electro | 11 track | 01:01:01
APE (img+cue+log) [374.79 MB + 3%] | Flac (Tracks) [422 Мб +3%]| Mp3 320 kbps CBR [137.42 MB + 3%]

23am is the second album by composer Robert Miles, released in 1997. It is a splendid product of Robert Miles' continuing growth as an artist. Comparing tracks from "Dreamland" to "23am" reveals new depth and appeal. Though it is among my favorite CDs, "Dreamland's" tracks tend to share the same fundamental sound throughout the album. Robert Miles introduces greater variety in "23am", providing each track with it's own distinct character. The true value of this album is found by sitting back at the end of a long day, closing your eyes, and savoring it's entire length. Robert Miles' new sound is beautiful, yet unobtrusive. It fuels the imagination, and sets the mind at ease.
The Corrs - Home (2005)
Author: voxpopuli

The Corrs - Home (2005)
EAC - FLAC (SEPARATE FILES+CUE+LOGS) | 293MB Rar (1 CD) | | Full Scan
Catalog No.: 5101102932 | Release Date: 26/09/2005 | Label: Atlantic | Publisher: Universal
Genres: Folk Rock/ Country Rock/ Celtic

Home is The Corrs' fifth studio album. An Irish-themed album, it includes covers of old Irish songs and traditionals, but also covers of non-Irish songs, like 'Heart Like A Wheel'. It includes 2 tracks in Irish ("Buachaill Ón Éirne" & "Bríd Óg Ní Mháille") and 3 instrumentals ("Old Hag (You Killed Me)", "Haste To The Wedding", "Return To Fingall"). "Home" is compiled through a songbook of the late Jean Corr (their mother). The album was released exactly 10 years after the release of their very first album "Forgiven, Not Forgotten" and brings the Corrs back to their roots.
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Wendy Carlos - Switched-On Bach Boxed Set (1999)
Author: eos

Wendy Carlos - Switched-On Bach Box Set (1999)
Classic & Electronic | 4 CD + 1 Data CD | FLAC single files w/ tags | 1 Gb

Switched-On Bach (1968) was an early album demonstrating the use of synthesizers as a genuine musical instrument. As an early user of Robert Moog's first commercially available synthesizer, Carlos helped pioneer the technology, which was significantly more difficult to use than it is today. Multitrack recording techniques played a critical role in the time-consuming process of creating this album. Switched-On Bach was one of the first classical albums to sell 500,000 copies, and (eventually) to go platinum. Details
Dumbarton Oaks Papers Vol.51 - 59
Author: edddy

Dumbarton Oaks Papers Vol. 51 - 59
Harvard University Press | ISSN: 00707546 | PDF | 330 Mb in all
Portable TMPGEnc XPress
Author: Ed

Portable TMPGEnc XPress | 23,8 MB

TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress encoder is now twice as powerful as before. Offering the most common file formats including HDV import/output along with DivX 6 AVI, MPEG-1/2/4, QuickTime (MOV), and Window Media (WMV/WMV-HD/WMA) input/output. Details
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