Cinema Ebook Collection
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Cinema Ebook Collection
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Cinema 's latest art, in other words the seventh art. Six other arts include theater, painting, sculpture, music and dance. Among these are the only art cinema is not only to serve a six-art but also promoting them have been able to forgive. As well as the cinema industry, the technique is also employed in your text. In the collection you will be familiar with the cinema and science of cinema.
Ed Wood (1994) Special Edition [RE-UP]
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Ed Wood (1994)
A Film by Tim Burton
DVD9 | PAL | 1,85:1 | 16:9 | 720x576 | 02:01:23 | 5% Recovery | 7.5 Gb
Audio: Italian, German, English 5.1 AC3 @ 384 Kbps
Subtitle: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama

In 1952, Ed Wood is struggling to join the film industry. Upon hearing of an announcement in Variety that producer George Weiss is trying to purchase Christine Jorgensen's life story, Ed is inspired to meet Weiss in person. Weiss explains that Variety's announcement was a news leak, and it is impossible to purchase Jorgensen's rights. The... Details
Romance Novels eBooks Collection
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Romance Novels eBooks Collection
English | PDF, ePUB, MOBi | Large Books Collection | 1.16 GB
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