Sare Havlicek - Toscana Nights (2010)
Author: MarkBenford

Sare Havlicek - Toscana Nights (2010)
MP3 320 CBR | 135 MB
Nu Disco | Label: Nang | Depositfiles + Uploaded + SM

Slovenian based Sare Havlicek is a bit of a hoarder. A hoarder of old synthesizers, drum machines and most of all 70s and early 80s Euro / cosmic disco sounds. A trip around his luxurious studio is a bit like a day at the synthesizer museum. Throw in some liberal doses of Adriatic-disco and early 80s Shalamar Vs Shakatak vibe. Then add a sprinkling of Magic Fly and long, lazy, girl-on-arm coastlined days. Bake for a year or so and "Toscana Nights" - the album - pops right out. Details
Jean-Luc Godard - Detective (1985)
Author: Henry van der Luyden

Jean-Luc Godard - D├ętective (1985)
French | Subtitles: ENG & ESP (optional) | 1:38:21 | 720x528 | 23.97fps | XviD | Audio: MP3 - 128kbps | 1.31 GB

In a palace of Paris, two detectives are investigating a two-years-old murder while an unhappily married couple tries to collect a debt from a boxing manager who has ties to the mob. The basic structure of Detective is that there are several groups of people staying in one hotel working on various sides of the law towards disparate goals that end up crossing over one another. Details
BBC Radio 1 Established 1967 (2007)
Author: jantine

BBC Radio 1 Established 1967 (2007)
Pop/Rock, | MP3 224/320 VBR | 270 MB | Front Cover

The compilation album Radio 1. Established 1967 is a collection of covers especially recorded for Radio 1 by a number of artists. The album celebrates the 40th anniversary of BBC Radio 1. There are forty songs recorded by forty different artists. The album is scheduled for release on October 1, 2007.

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