Indra - Signs (2005)
Author: Trancez

Indra - Signs (2005)
Electronica, Ambient, New Age | MP3 CBR 320k | 203 MB | no scans

I continue my journey of exploration through Indra's catalogue with what I think is his latest album 'Signs'. An ominous slow bass rhythm gets 'Atlas On Stage' off to an excellent brooding start. Little melodic Jarre type sequences / loops are added to it. More brooding melody is brought into play with the skilful use of soft melancholy pads. As I am growing to expect by now this is sheer class. Shimmering cosmic drones and occasional touches of piano provide quite a cosmic start to 'Saltimbanc'. As with the opener the feeling is quite mournful but this is countered nicely by the introduction of another quality sequence. Quite a contemporary rhythm is then brought into play along with Vangelis type melodies. It is certainly an intriguing combination of styles though the drums, which are bordering on dance (though not of the thud thud variety), might put off some traditionalists. We return to the cosmos and tender piano to finish.
Joey Fehrenbach - Fear of Falling (Remixes) (2017)
Author: aasana

Joey Fehrenbach - Fear of Falling (Remixes) (2017)
Electronic | 1:16:35 | MP3, 320 kbps | 180 MB
Label: DT Music, USA

Joey is a real veteran, already active for over two decades in the music industry. As a child of the 80’s he’s been influenced by bands and artists like Depeche Mode and New Order, which can be heard in his older work. back in the days, Joey performed under the moniker ‘Dream Traveler’. One of his tracks got picked up and appeared as the opening track on Paul Oakenfold’s Tranceport compilation, back in November 1998. Time flies! A few years later he decided to leave producing club tracks behind and head for another direction and release work under his own name, Joey Fehrenbach. Work being releases were more downtempo and chill-out oriented. Details
Digitalism - Mirage (2016)
Author: vItOrrEs2009

Digitalism - Mirage (2016)
Label: Magnetism Recordings | MP3 320 kbps CBR | 76:33 min | 179 mb
Electronic, Dance

It's hard to believe that it's been over a decade since Digitalism broke through with their anthemic 'Zdarlight'. Nu-rave and dubstep came and (largely) went; hip-hop morphed into trap; and EDM made pop stars out of dance DJs. Back with their third album, 'Mirage' - some five years on from sophomore record 'I Love You, Dude' - the German duo have wisely resisted any vogues or trends. Instead, they present a record that takes their much-loved sound and opens it up to new permutations and possibilities. 'Mirage' sees Digitalism return in their most complete and coherent incarnation yet; the album spanning euphoric radio-friendly electronic pop and guttural dancefloor bangers with equal aplomb. Details
Emerald Web - The Stargate Tapes 1978-1982 (2013)
Author: SERTiL

Emerald Web - The Stargate Tapes 1978-1982
Soundtrack, New Age, Ambient | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 79:23 min | 193 MB + 5% Recovery
Label: Finders Keepers Records | Tracks: 14 | 2013-11-18

Sharing social circles and spiritual ideologies with artists such as Iasos, Connie Demby and Deuter, whilst splitting label release schedules with Laraaji, Laurie Spiegel and Wendy Carlos, the unique Florida raised soul mate duo known as Emerald Web released their privately pressed debut LP at an axis where post-prog rock met proto-new age and ambient electronic music. Details
Jon Anderson - Olias of Sunhillow (1976) [Concept Album]
Author: phil_ga

Jon Anderson - Olias of Sunhillow

Olias of Sunhillow is a progressive rock concept album by Jon Anderson, the lead singer of the band Yes. It was his first solo album in 1976. He plays all instruments and does all vocals on the album. Details
V.A. - Anthology of Folk Greek Songs (1960-1983) [22 CD]
Author: Speedyclick

V.A. - Anthology of Folk Greek Songs (1960-1983) [22 CD]
EAC Rips | FLAC (image & cue & log) & mp3 @ 320 kbps | tracks: 330 | ~ 6.31 Gb & 2.51 Gb | 17:24:01
Label: MINOS-EMI | 5% recovery record | Complete 600dpi scans | Genre: Greek folk songs

An outstanding compilation of the best selling greek folk songs in the period 1960-1983 released from a major daily newspaper in 1984. An endless parade of original great songs from the top composers and singers covering a time span of over two decades. Each CD contains the 15 top songs of a year with detailed information in the cover inlay. A must have for all quality greek music lovers. Enjoy. Details
Deep Forest Discography (1992 - 2013)
Author: v3122
Deep Forest Discography (1992 - 2013) front

Deep Forest Discography (1992 - 2013)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & iPod M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
12CD | ~ 4601 or 4623 or 1869 Mb | Scans(jpg) Included | Scans(tiff, 600dpi) -> 2652 Mb
DVD-5: NTSC 4:3 (720x480) VBR | Dolby AC3, 2 ch -> 1.07 Gb
World Music / New Age / Electronica / House / Tribal / Downtempo / Ambient

Innovatively fusing traditional ethnic musics with state-of-the-art rhythms, the work of Deep Forest was best typified by their 1993 smash "Sweet Lullaby," which brought together the contemporary sounds of ambient techno with the haunting voices of the Pygmies of the central African rain forest...
Eloy: CD Collection (1971-1998)
Author: v3122

Eloy: CD Collection (1971-1998)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & iPod M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
18CD | ~ 5592 or 5632 or 2171 Mb | Scans(jpg) Included
Progressive / Psychedelic / Space Rock

- 18 Albums on 18 CD. Original Mastering -
YES - The Band Members Solo Album Collection (6x SHM-CD 2011) RE-UP
Author: perfecta

YES - The Band Members Solo Album Collection (6x SHM-CD 2011)
EAC Rips | 6x FLAC Images with CUEs and LOGs - 1,57 GB | Full PNG Scans | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps - 568 MB
Progressive Rock / Art Rock | TT - 246:58 mins | Label: Arcàngelo Records | Cat. # ARC-8061~6 (WQCP-1015~20)

Cardboard sleeve (mini LP) reissue from ex-YES band members featuring digital remastering, using 2011 master audio. The cardboard sleeve series faithfully replicates the original LP featuring gatefold jacket and includes the albums: Jon Anderson's - "Olias Of Sunhillow" (1976) & "Song Of Seven" (1980); Steve Howe's - "Beginnings" (1975) & "The Steve Howe Album" (1979); Chris Squire's - Fish Out Of Water (1975); Alan White's - "Ramshackled" (1976). Details
Refugee - Refugee (1974 LP/FLAC) In HiRes (24bit/48kHz & 16bit/44kHz)
Author: Fran Solo

Refugee - Refugee (Featuring Patrick Moraz)
Vinyl | LOG | CUE | FLAC | Full LP Cover (1:1)
24bit/48kHz: 648mb & 16bit/44kHz: 332mb
Genre: Symphonic-Rock| Label: Charisma – FC 6066 | Release: 1974

"You have not visited Paris until you visit Tour Eiffel" and "You have not heard Patrick Philippe Moraz until you listen to Refugee".
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