Koharubiyori (2001) 4 Issues
Author: alexandra10

Koharubiyori (2001) 4 Issues
Japanese | CBR | 4 Issues | 243.6 MB

Life story of an otaku who buys a brand new robot maid. He’s quite an impressive otaku, with a huge collection of the things you associate otaku with… figures, cosplay costumes, removable skirts, etc. And now with the addition of the robot maid he can play dress-up and various other kinks...
Nancy Drew v3 - The Haunted Dollhouse (2005)
Author: mikestoke

Nancy Drew v3 - The Haunted Dollhouse (2005)
English | CBR | 96 pages | 42.78 MB

95 pages. River Heights is celebrating Nostalgia Week and everyone in town is dressing up and acting like it was 1930, including Nancy, Bess, and George! Wait till you see Nancy in her roadster! But when scenes of crimes displayed in Emma Blavatsky's antique dollhouse start coming true, Nancy has a full-blown mystery on her hands! Nancy's shocked when she stakes out the dollhouse, and witnesses a doll version of herself murdered! Will that scene become reality too? Details
Private Parts (1972)
Author: Someonelse

Private Parts (1972)
DVDRip | English | AVI | 704 x 400 | x264 @ 2435 Kbps | AC3 mono @ 192 Kbps | 01:25:47 | 1,51 Gb
Genre: Horror, Comedy | USA

When Cheryl and her roommate quarrel, Cheryl moves into her aunt's skid-row hotel in downtown L.A. rather than return home to Ohio. The lodgers are odd, Aunt Martha is a moralizer obsessed with funerals, murder is afoot, and the inexperienced and trusting Cheryl may be the next victim. She wants to be treated like a woman, and she's drawn to George, a handsome photographer who longs for human contact but sleeps with a water-inflated doll and spies on Cheryl as she bathes. Jeff, a neighborhood clerk, may be Cheryl's only ally in what she doesn't realize is a perilous residence haunted by family secrets. And, what happened to Alice, a model who used to have Cheryl's room? Details
Susan Faludi, "Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women"
Author: tired
Susan Faludi, Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women

Susan Faludi, "Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women"
Three Rivers Press | 15th Anniversary Edition | 2006 | ISBN: 0307345424 | 592 pages | siPDF | 9.45 MB

Winner of the 1991 National Book Critics Circle Award for General Nonfiction

“Opting-out,” “security moms,” “desperate housewives,” “the new baby fever”—the trend stories of 2006 leave no doubt that American women are still being barraged by the same backlash messages that Susan Faludi brilliantly exposed in her 1991 bestselling book of revelations. Now, the book that reignited the feminist movement is back in a fifteenth anniversary edition, with a new preface by the author that brings backlash consciousness up to date. Details
Barbie and Me: 45 Playful Matching Designs for Knitting By Nicky Epstein [Repost]
Author: tanas.olesya

Barbie and Me: 45 Playful Matching Designs for Knitting By Nicky Epstein
Publisher: Sixth&Spring Books 2005 | 138 Pages | ISBN: 1931543631 | PDF | 11 MB

What girl doesn't want to dress just like her favorite doll? People really love Barbie-as the success of Nicky Epstein's Crochet for Barbie Doll and Knits for Barbie Doll so clearly proved. Following on the heels of those bestsellers, Epstein, one of today's hottest knitwear designers, has come up with a new twist: matching ensembles for Barbie and her young owners, too. They're enjoyable to knit, make great gifts, and even beginning knitters can complete many of these 20 fun garments and accessories. Details
La blonde aux seins nus/The Blonde with Bare Breasts (2010)
Author: serpmolot

La blonde aux seins nus/The Blonde with Bare Breasts (2010)
DVDRip | AVI | Run time: ~100 min | XviD 720x400 ~1779 kbps avg | 1.46 GB
audio#1: French | MP3 2 ch ~145 Kbps | audio#2: Russian | MP3 2 ch ~128 Kbps

Julien (Nicolas Duvauchelle), 25-years old, and Louis (Steve le Roi), 14-years old, are brothers. Their father often beat Julien, who defended Louis from also being beaten by him. He is terminally ill now. The brothers do not care much, but try to obtain ownership of his river transport ship, which they already use. A gang offers money for stealing the Edouard Manet painting 'La blonde aux seins nus' (The Blonde with Bare Breasts) from the museum. They agree, and Louis actually does it, while the young guard Rosalie (Vahina Giocante) is distracted. Rosalie comes after him, onto the ship, but Louis manages to lock her up. Later she is free to move around on the ship. Although she is sometimes treated rudely, she likes the adventure. The police suspect her of being involved. She helps by hiding the painting and herself, when the ship is searched. Julien and Rosalie have sex. Louis is jealous and pretends to have hung himself by hanging up a life-size doll dressed in his clothes. Julien plans to kill Rosalie, because she knows they stole the painting, Louis tries to protect her by advising her to escape. She returns the painting to her father, who arranges its restoration. The gang that wanted to buy it beats up Julien, out of revenge. Rosalie reunites with the brothers on the ship. In the meantime, the brothers' father dies. Louis gets the ship, apparently because only he is his real son. Details
Maid in Manhattan (2002)
Author: Efgrapha

Maid in Manhattan (2002)
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC, 4:3 (720x480) VBR | 01:45:12 | 3.66 Gb
Audio: English AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps | Subs: English
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Can a wealthy Republican politician find happiness with a chambermaid from the Bronx? One man is about to find out, though he hardly realizes it at first, in this romantic comedy from director Wayne Wang. Marisa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez) is a single mother who is raising her gifted but under-confident son Ty (Tyler Garcia Posey) on her own, with some help from her mother Veronica (Priscilla Lopez), after divorcing her husband. Marisa works as a housekeeper at the exclusive Beresford Hotel in Manhattan, where her boss Paula Burns (Frances Conroy) and chief butler Lionel Bloch (Bob Hoskins) urge Marisa and her best friend and fellow maid Stephanie (Marissa Matrone) to be as efficient and inconspicuous as possible. One day, while cleaning the room of noted socialite Caroline Lane (Natasha Richardson), Stephanie spies a beautiful designer gown and dares Marisa to try it on; against her better judgment, she does, and while all dolled up, she bumps into Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes), a wealthy and well-bred bachelor who is running for the Senate.
Renderosity 'Additional Product Images' Mega Collection
Author: Alexpal

Renderosity 'Additional Product Images' Mega Collection
51500 JPG | up to 800x1600 | 13 Gb

This is a unique and very rare collection! First time sharing!
Those who are interested in 3D graphics, certainly know Renderosity. For most of their models there are additional images showing the model. You can see them under the heading "Additional Product Images" on the page model. This collection contains 90% of these additional images (the rest will be posted shortly).
In this collection of everything: girls, men, dolls, fairy-tale characters, clothing and dress, cars, ships, spaceships, buildings, weapons, birds and animals, makeup, hairstyles and accessories, backgrounds, and much more...
You can use this collection as a tutorial, wallpapers, or for your work. Yes, it's freeware! You can download it all by yourself (if you have a lot of time to spare) :) Details
Satisfashion 1.0
Author: hoorny

Satisfashion 1.0 | 72 MB

As a young girl, Grace always had a sense of fashion, dressing dolls and designing her own clothes. She grew up surrounded by friends asking her for fashion tips. Once word of her talent spread, a famous designer came to offer Grace a position at the top of the fashion world. As a top-model designer you will study the latest trends, select makeup, coordinate colors, skirts, tops, shoes, everything! Then send the models out on the runway. But remember, in this business, time is money. Details
Ozzy Osbourne - Complete 1995 Remasters (10 CD)
Author: Necromandus

Ozzy Osbourne - Complete 1995 Remasters (10 CD)
EAC Rip | FLAC, IMG+CUE+LOG | 4 GB | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 1.4 GB | Complete HQ Scans | PNG -> 1.3 GB
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal | RAR 3% Rec. |
... 1995, 22 Bit Digital Re-Master. Original line-up, no bonuses, no replacement of the original party ...
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