Nik Bartsch's Mobile - Continuum (2016) [Official Digital Download]
Author: HDV

Nik Bärtsch's Mobile - Continuum (2016)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/48 kHz | Time - 68:24 minutes | 764 MB
Studio Master, Official Digital Download | Artwork: Digital booklet

After four ECM recordings with his other band Ronin, Bartsch presents this new album featuring Mobile augmented on three pieces by a string quintet. Textures from jazz, funk, new music, minimal as well as ritual and sacred music are organically interwoven with Bartsch and his partners aiming for an energetic total group sound rather than displays of soloistic virtuosity. Details
Sword of the Stranger / Sutorenjia: Mukô hadan (2007) [Re-UP]
Author: Someonelse

Sword of the Stranger (2007)
DVD9 | ISO | NTSC 16:9 | Cover | 01:42:51 | 6,33 Gb
Audio: #1 English, #2 Japanese - each AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps | Subs: English
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Set in the turbulent period of Japanese history known as the Sengoku period - or the era of Warring states - this feature length anime tells the story of a nameless ronin, robbed of identity and title when the second shogunate falls into chaos. Wandering the beligered countryside of his war torn nation, the former samurai happens across a boy named Kataro, who's become the target of Chinese assassins, who seem to want the boy for use in some kind of mystical ritual. The nameless ronin can't let them take an innocent child's life, and soon finds himself on the most important mission of his career - and that his life as a warrior is far from over. Details
Harakiri / Seppuku (1962) [The Criterion Collection #302] [ReUp]
Author: Someonelse

Harakiri (1962)
A Film by Masaki Kobayashi
DVD9 + DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC 16:9 | 02:12:47 | 6,76 Gb + 1,85 Gb
Audio: Japanese AC3 1.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subtitles: English | Cover + Booklet
Genre: Drama | The Criterion Collection #302

Following the collapse of his clan, an unemployed samurai (Tatsuya Nakadai) arrives at the manor of Lord Iyi, begging to be allowed to commit ritual suicide on the property. Iyi’s clansmen, believing the desperate ronin is merely angling for a new position, try to force his hand and get him to eviscerate himself—but they have underestimated his beliefs and his personal brand of honor. Winner of the Cannes Film Festival’s Special Jury Prize, Harakiri, directed by Masaki Kobayashi is a fierce evocation of individual agency in the face of a corrupt and hypocritical system. Details
Humanity and Paper Balloons (1937) [Masters of Cinema #11] [Re-UP]
Author: Someonelse

Humanity and Paper Balloons (1937)
A Film by Sadao Yamanaka
DVD5 | ISO+MDS | PAL 4:3 | Cover + DVD Scan | 01:22:37 | 4,39 Gb
Audio: Japanese AC3 1.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama | Masters of Cinema #11

The story develops in the Tokugawa era of the 18th century, in a poor district of Tokyo, where impoverished samurai live from hand to mouth among equally poor people of lower social classes. One such ronin (masterless samurai) Matajuro, spends his day looking for work whilst his wife, Otaki, makes cheap paper balloons at home. One rainy night, Shinza, a barber, and equally penniless, impulsively abducts the daughter of a wealthy merchant, hiding her at Matajuro’s home. Their desperate plan has grave consequences when a ransom attempt backfires. The film, which starts and ends with suicide, is deeply pessimistic, insisting that life in feudal Japan was hellish and short for those at the foot of the social ladder. Details
Samurai Assassin (1965)
Author: Someonelse

Samurai Assassin (1965)
DVD9 | ISO | PAL 16:9 | 02:01:43 | 6,95 Gb
Audio: #1 Japanese AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps; #2 Spanish AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Genre: Action, Drama

February 17 to March 3, 1860, inside Edo castle. A group of assassins wait by Sakurada Gate to kill the lord of the House of Ii, a powerful man in the Tokugawa government, which has ruled Japan for 300 years. They suspect a traitor in their midst, and their suspicions fall on Niiro, an impoverished ronin who dreams of samurai status, and Kurihara, an aristocratic samurai who befriends Niiro. Niiro longs to identify his father, knowing he is a high-ranking official who will disclose himself only if Niiro achieves samurai status. With American ships in Japan's harbors, cynicism among the assassins, and change in the air, Niiro resolves to reach ends that may prove ephemeral. Details
Rebel Samurai: Sixties Swordplay Classics (1965-1968) [The Criterion Collection ## 310-313] [Repost]
Author: Someonelse

Rebel Samurai: Sixties Swordplay Classics (1965-1968) [The Criterion Collection ## 310-313]
4xDVD9 | NTSC 16:9 (720x480) | HQ Covers + Booklets -> 58 Mb | 420 mins | Total: 25,3 Gb
Audio: Japanese AC3 1.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: English
Genre: Action, Drama | 7 wins | Japan

REBELLION! The political and cultural tumult of the early 1960s shook Japan as it did the rest of the world. Japanese filmmakers responded to the changing times by disguising themes of dissent in the traditional form of the swordplay film, or chanbara. Previously populated by heroic samurai, self-sacrificing ronin, and historical figures who exemplified noble Japanese virtues, the genre began embracing a new kind of hero, or antihero: the lone outcast, distrustful of authority but maintaining a personal code of honor. These four classic films, from four masters of Japanese cinema, turn a genre upside down, redefining for a modern generation the meaning of loyalty and honor, as embodied by the iconic figure of the samurai. Details
Usagi Yojimbo (Book 23) - Bridge of Tears (2009)
Author: mikestoke

Usagi Yojimbo (Book 23) - Bridge of Tears (2009)
English | CBR | 246 pages | 341.74 MB

The wandering life of a ronin is often a lonely one, and Usagi has been on that path a long time. A temporary peace, staying with the merchant Endo and his daughter Hanaka, is interrupted by the deadly League of Assassins, setting Usagi back on the road, but with the uncomfortable sensation that he is being followed. Usagi's travels next take him to a town torn apart by street gangs searching for a dead gang boss's stash of gold. While in town, Usagi meets Mayumi, who longs for a new life away from the village and convinces Usagi to take her with him. As attraction grows between them, Usagi faces a dilemma: can another join him on his path, or is the lifestyle of a ronin too dangerous for Mayumi, especially as signs point to the return of Jei, the Black Soul? Details
Mighty Avengers #29
Author: 333anubis

Mighty Avengers #29
English | CBR | Marvel | September 16, 2009 | 12,8 Mb

It's all out action at the Avengers new headqarters as RONIN and VISION face off against the SCARLET WITCH! Readers already know the Scarlet Witch is secretly LOKI, but could this be the issue where STATURE and the other MIGHTY AVENGERS find out? Also, on the outskirts of Tibet, QUICKSILVER and a longtime Avengers villain uncover THE UNSPOKEN'S plan to dominate all life on Earth. What is the secret origin of The Slave Engine? And what horribly, freakish thing has it done to the U.S. AGENT? Guest Starring: RONIN and THE YOUNG AVENGERS
Usagi Yojimbo #122 (Ongoing)

Usagi Yojimbo #122 (Ongoing)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBZ | Dark Horse | Aug 26, 2009 | 28 Pages | 15.4 MB

Usagi Yojimbo is an ongoing comic book series based on the 17th century samurai Miyamoto Musashi published by Dark Horse Comics. Usagi began initially as a human character in 1981 named "Miyamoto", but was changed by its creator Stan Sakai, leterrer of Groo The Wanderer, together with the other characters to funny animals. Now Miyamoto Usagi is a ronin (masterless samurai). Usagi wanders across 16th Century Japan taking on various odd jobs, but mostly just helping solve problems. Usagi is a firm supporter of the Shogun (military leader) and has made many enemies because of his loyalty. However, has also made many friends because of his kind heart and willingness to help anyone in trouble. Because of his peaceful nature, Usagi is sometimes mistaken for a coward, but, when provoked, Usagi can defend himself with nearly flawless sword work. Issue #122 features a great standalone story. 2009 Eisner nominee for Best Continuing Series
Bound: The Mastered Series (Audiobook)
Author: ksenya.b

Bound: The Mastered Series
2014 | ISBN-10: 1480535974 | M4b, AAC @ 64 Kbps, 2 channels, 22 KHz | 325 MB
Genre: Audiobook | Author: Lorelei James | Language: English

In the new Mastered series by New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James, a woman’s desire to shatter her inhibitions leaves her unprepared for where that erotic journey will take her…. Details
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