3D: Echoes of Andromeda | V4 Shorts Top Sandals Businesswoman Outfit | Shoe Fashion V - Belt Boots
Author: Alexpal

Echoes of Andromeda | 39 Mb
V4 Shorts Top Sandals Businesswoman Outfit | 42 Mb
Shoe Fashion V - Belt Boots | 11 Mb
3D: Alexandrite Shoes for V4 | Saloon Girls for Delirium | Props Pack - Martini Set
Author: Alexpal

Alexandrite Shoes for V4 | 6 Mb
Saloon Girls for Delirium | 25 Mb
Props Pack - Martini Set | 2 Mb
Mini Dress A4/V4
Author: Alexpal

Mini Dress A4/V4 | 8 Mb

This cute mini, with coordinated shoes and panties, is equally at home in an Anime scene for A4 or taking V4 clubbing.
CowGirl Outfit for V4
Author: Alexpal

CowGirl Outfit for V4 | 22 Mb

CowGirl outfit for V4 is a cute outfit for your next door V4 girl, it includes many special movements which help you create realistic rendering effect, with the adjustment morphs you can easily put on any underware and shoes inside the jacket and the jeans. The high resolution maps will provide you great detail and realism in the final rendering images. There are also many pose buttons for quick application morphs. Details
Louisiana Dress for A4-V4
Author: Alexpal

Louisiana Dress for A4-V4 | 15 Mb

Victoria 4 is now dressed and ready for a night out on the town in this
lovely little party dress and heels. Details
Foxy Boxing V4 | V4 DEVIL Set | Southern Dream
Author: Alexpal

Foxy Boxing V4 | 1 Mb
V4 DEVIL Set | 22 Mb
Southern Dream | 26 Mb
Saucy Poses For V4
Author: Alexpal

Saucy Poses For V4 | 3 Mb

Victoria 4 has a Saucy Side and she's not afraid to show it!
Whether V4 is on the catwalk, high fashion photo shoot, or magazine cover, Saucy Poses for V4 will inject some life into your DAZ Studio and Poser renders. Details
3D: Impacts: Lies for V4/A4/G4/Elite | Damaged for Impacts: Lies | Lady Hawk for V4
Author: Alexpal

Impacts: Lies for V4/A4/G4/Elite | 67 Mb
Damaged for Impacts: Lies | 44 Mb
Lady Hawk for V4 | 41 Mb
°Fashion° Textures for Reussi for V4
Author: Alexpal

°Fashion° Textures for Reussi for V4 | 20 Mb

With this texture expansion you'll get 10 complete new hi-res and highly-detailed texture styles for the V4 Reussi Dress & Shoes by Val3DArt! Have a look at the pictures for more information and details! Details
HighHeel Shoes for V4
Author: Alexpal

HighHeel Shoes for V4 | 2 MB

Conforming Figure
V4 - HighHeel (cr2 and obj)
5 texture maps
MAT/Pose files
2 Foot pose files
13 MAT files for PP
13 MAT files for P5-P6
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