3D models Collection for Daz3D & Poser vol.4
Author: scutter

3D models Collection for Daz3D & Poser vol.4 | 4.6 Gb

Although DAZ 3D models are well known for their quality and affordable pricing, what really sets DAZ 3D models apart from other 3D catalogs is the level of customization and inter-compatibility. For example, where else on the internet can you find a single website that allows you to purchase 3D human figures and 3D accessories AND know that they were ALL built to work with each other seamlessly? Details
Poser - Courageous Plus
Author: rslink

Poser - Courageous Plus | 182.18 MB

Courageous is a beautiful complete adventurer type set for Victoria 4, including the V4 Male morph. It includes tunic, pants, boots, baldric belt, belt, sash, arm bracers, pouch, shoulder guards, knife holders, two knifes and a rapier with frog. Details
More content for Poser
Author: real_ratibor

More models for Poser
3D: Scribble | Scratch the Toon Cat | Warm Wind Bikini for V4
Author: Alexpal

Scribble | 1 Mb
Scratch the Toon Cat | 7 Mb
Warm Wind Bikini for V4 | 27 Mb
Poser - Daz3D - My Raiver and Addons V4 A4 Elite Collection
Author: rslink

Poser - Daz3D - My Raiver and Addons V4 A4 Elite Collection | 123.50 MB

This conforming gothic style set comes with belt, boots, choker, pants, trench coat, top, and wrist bands. It was created with a variety of morphs including a male selection for the appropriate pieces! Details
Cheshire Cat
Author: Alexpal

Cheshire Cat | 60 Mb
Poser - Evil on a budge
Author: rslink

Poser - Evil on a budge | 65.08 MB

Venomous for Evilson will turn Mr. Nice Guy into the nastiest, most depraved -- and plain old mean -- villain in all of fantasy and sci-fi land. Details
Author: Alexpal

Kapooki | 7 Mb

Often mistaken for modern mythological creatures such as the Yeti and Bigfoot, this elusive and shy (though at times vicious) creature has braved coming out into the open and is ready to inhabit your Runtime!
Kapooki BASE includes the fully loaded core figure (textures, morphs, phenomes, poses) and was created with flexibility and versatility in mind. Details
Renderotica Collection
Author: Toxis

Renderotica Collection | Daz / Poser | 122 Mb
Author: Alexpal

Whacker-Smackers | 3 Mb

Here's the ultimate peacemaker, the weapon that brings back the smile into your renders:
Use the a Whacker-Smacker and never worry again about holes in clothes and stains on the environment!
Product Requirements: Poser 6 and higher, Poser 5 with limitations, Victoria 4, other figures may require some adjustments, NOT tested in DAZ Studio, NOT tested on Mac Details
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