Osho - Audiobook Collection vol.01
Author: mijazma

An audiobook collection of talks on various subjects by the enlightened master Osho.
EDIT (02.02.2009.): new talks added
spoken word | low bitrate MP3 | hundreds of hours of audio | english language | rapidshre | ~5.5Gb
Osho - In Wonder - The Narrow Road To The Deep North (1991)
Author: sevein

Osho - In Wonder - The Narrow Road To The Deep North
NewAge | 1991 | MP3 CBR 320Kbps => 135 MB | Time 57:25 | Covers

This album combines mystical love songs and instrumental Zen haikus. 28 musicians from 11 countries contributed to the music, which is heart opening and meditative, with a fresh breeze of Osho's global vision. The instrumental titles were recorded live in the presence of the contemporary mystic Osho in India. Details
Ten thousand Buddhas Music from Osho World
Author: Linda Lando

mp3 cbr 128 Kbps Genre: relax, new age
cca. 60 Mb. Only one file. Details
Karunesh - Albums Collection 1987-2012 [16CD] [Repost + Upgrade]
Author: Designol

Karunesh - Albums Collection 1987-2012 [16CD]
EAC | FLAC | Tracks/Image (Cue&Log) ~ 4.7 Gb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320/Stereo) ~ 2.2 Gb (incl 5%)
Genre: New Age, Relaxation, World Fusion, Meditative | Time: 13:50:44 | Complete Scans

Karunesh is a German-born New Age and ambient musician. His music has strong Indian influences prevalent throughout, with liberal use of Indian instruments, such as the sitar.
The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha - This Is the Path to the Ultimate Truth (Series 1) (Audiobook)
Author: interes

The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha - This Is the Path to the Ultimate Truth (Series 1) (Audiobook) By Osho
English | 1991 | ISBN: 3893380914 | MP3 | 2,18 GB

Osho calls the incomparable Dhammapada sutras of Buddha, "the book of books."
He explains that these sutras are concerned with every aspect of man's unawareness, and that Buddha's whole message is devoted to the raising of our consciousness. To enter into the Dhammapada with Osho is to witness a deep friendship of enlightened masters. These sutras were compiled by Buddha's disciples to contain the essence of all his teachings.
From Unconsciousness to Consciousness
Author: robin-bobin

From Unconsciousness to Consciousness: Answers to Seekers on the Path by Osho
Publisher: 30 talks given live on November 1984 at Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA | ISBN-10: 8172610165
Language English | PDF + Audio CD in MP3/160 kbps / 5 complete independent files | 5 CD ~ 1.6 GB (371 MB + 375 MB + 381 MB + 378 MB + 264 MB)

These are the first talks Osho gave after a period of more than three years’ silence. Answering a diverse selection of questions. Osho outlines his vision for the future of mankind and reveals in stark terms how our social and psychological structures depend upon the illusion that there is a God... Details
VA - New Age Music And New Sounds: Vol.01-24 (1996-1998)
Author: Discograf_man

VA - New Age Music And New Sounds: Vol.01-24 (1996-1998)
New Age | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 3.85 Gb
Label: New Sounds | Release Year: 1996-1998

Spanish edition of Italian Parent Label: New Age Music And New Sounds. Digital high quality recordings of pure nature sound blended with the beautiful music inspired by the nature. Listen and enjoy!
Sambodhi Prem - Wellness Meditation Relaxation (2014)
Author: varrock

Sambodhi Prem - Wellness Meditation Relaxation (2014)
MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | Tracks: 44 | 76:04 min | 183 Mb
Style: New Age | Label: Fable Music Pty Ltd

With songs of the spirit and ecstatic chant they explore the connection between music and being awake to 'this very moment', something that is at the core of all meditation. Sambodhi Prem is a devotional songwriter, writing from his experiences on the path of meditation, the path of love and that of yoga. He has played music in the presence of the enlightened mystic Osho, in his meditation resort in Pune, India, an experience he describes as 'being in the WOW and the NOW'! Details
Sambodhi Prem - Mirror of the Sun (1991)
Author: varrock

Sambodhi Prem - Mirror of the Sun (1991)
MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | Tracks: 11 | 54:54 min | 127 Mb
Style: New Age, Easy Listening | Label: Global Suitcase

Acoustic textures of sound with spacious introspection. Flutes, guitars and piano played by real people creating music that holds a space of love and relaxation. Also released under the title "Relaxation - Body, Mind & Spirit"
Mirror of the Sun is a collection of instrumental pieces from the earlier part of my recording career. The contributions of Osho musicians Devakant, Prem Joshua, Kalyan and Ravi, make this an eclectic collection of sounds.
Free flowing melodies carried by the four winds - people coming together to play and merge their musical colours on this bundle of energy that became my first CD release. A moment in time capturing the musical sounds of people playing together - real people, playing real instruments. Details
Deuter - 5 Albums (1976-1995)
Author: gribovar

Deuter - 5 Albums (1976-1995)
EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks+.cue+log) - 1,35 GB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 628 MB | Covers included
Genre: New Age | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Kuckuck, Higher Octave Music

Georg Deuter is a German New Age instrumentalist and recording artist known for his meditative style that blends Eastern and Western musical styles. Born in Falkenhagen, Germany, in 1945, as a child Deuter taught himself to play guitar, harmonica and flute. As a young adult he pursued a career in graphic design. A car accident in 1970 convinced him to pursue music career instead, and he released his first album, Deuter in 1971. He traveled the world seeking spiritual enlightenment and musical experience, notably recording in Poona, India while living in Osho's ashram. As a disciple he worked closely with his guru, composing music used during various meditation techniques...
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