Audiority Kontakt Total Bundle KONTAKT
Author: orientazure

Audiority Kontakt Total Bundle KONTAKT | 2.66 Gb

“Audiority Kontakt Total Bundle” is a huge collection of sample libraries that covers everything from classic/retro electronics and sound design sources, to more familiar pianos and and exotic ethnic instruments. This bundle includes ALL the Audiority Kontakt sample libraries released so far and covers so much ground you’ll probably find a use for it in almost any genre of music! Details
Best Service Ethno World 4 Professional - Disc 1,2 (KONTAKT) [repost]
Author: FenixN

Best Service Ethno World 4 Professional - Disc 1,2 (KONTAKT) | 9.35 GB

Is by award winning film composer Marcel Barsotti. Barsotti has composed music for more than 80 cinema, advertising and television films and his musicians have been placed in the charts several times. ETHNO WORLD 4 contains more than 200 professionally recorded ethnic instruments and more than 14,000 high quality samples in the following categories: Bowed instruments, stringed instruments, woodwind and brass, key instruments, bell type instruments, metal type instruments, world drums, world percussion, gongs and bowls, and the new category of voices. Therefore, ETHNO WORLD 4 with its 10 gigabytes of samples is one of the most extensive ethnic library in the world.
Author: Dizel_


Ritual Kontakts is a sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Ritual Kontakts features a complete range of sounds to build your own ritual music: ethnic percussions and drums, strings, didgeridoos, singing bowls, rainmakers, nature SFX and synthesized hypnotic sounds. Details
Cinesamplеs CinePerc KONTAKT
Author: orientazure

Cinesamplеs CinePerc KONTAKT
CinePerc Core v1.1: 43.45 Gb | CinePerc Pro v1.1: 26.57 Gb | CinePerc Epic v1.1: 8.08 Gb | CinePerc Aux v1.1: 11.62 Gb

CinePerc library is the next installment of the popular “Cine” series that includes CineBrass and CineWinds. Like those libraries, CinePerc was recorded at the SONY Scoring Stage in Los Angeles, and mixed by master engineer Dennis Sands. Details
Best Service Ethno World 6 Complete KONTAKT
Author: orientazure

Best Service Ethno World 6 Complete KONTAKT | 21.4 Gb

ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete is the summit of a library that has continuously grown and been improved over a period of 16 years. In this sixth edition, 80 new instruments and voices with a volume of 13 gigabytes have been added to the library. Details
Impаct Soundwоrks Sitar Nation KONTAKT
Author: orientazure

Impаct Soundwоrks Sitar Nation KONTAKT | 1.7 Gb

The most deeply sampled sitar, tambura, tabla and baya library ever released! Includes multiple mic positions, all important playing techniques, FX patches, and MIDI grooves. We came up with the idea for Sitar Nation in mid-2007, after noticing that despite the growing popularity of ethnic instrument libraries, few products sampled non-Western instruments with a level of depth expected from a modern sample library. Details
East West Quantum Leap RA KONTAKT
Author: groovebeat

East West Quantum Leap RA KONTAKT | 13.2 GB

RA features a 14 GB collection of beautifully recorded plucked, blown, bowed, and struck instruments from around the world. Quantum Leap RA provides composers with access to a variety of rare and unique instruments from Africa, Europe, India, the Americas and Australia, the Far East, and the Middle East and Turkish Empires. Ra is also an 8-part multitimbral instrument (in Native Instruments' Kompakt Instrument format) that works by itself or with AU, DXi, RTAS, and VST hosts.
ToneHammer Little Epic Percussion KONTAKT
Author: EnKteam

ToneHammer Little Epic Percussion KONTAKT | 1.60GB

Welcome to Small Epic Percussion. A great collection of small orchestral and ethnic percussion instruments intended both to compliment our existing collection of epic drums. We captured the majority of them in the same epic hall and using the same techniques as our Epic Dohl Ensemble, Epic Tom Ensemble, Bamboo Stick Ensemble and other wet libraries, so we think it will mesh well with most of them right out of the box. Details
Soundiron Temple Drums KONTAKT
Author: orientazure

Soundiron Temple Drums KONTAKT | 1.47 Gb

Temple Drums is a multi-sampled hall percussion library recorded in a secret stone-walled underground chamber. We recorded a variety of solo drum and bell articulations from a close, wide mic position to capture a crisp, tight, bright and lush sound. The library includes bass drum, large floor tom, rack toms, bongos, snare drums, djembe, doumbeks, frame drum/bodhran, large Tibetan hand cymbals, Tibetan copper bell and 36” flat gong. The space has a crisp, bright and lush vibe and we recorded each instrument up close for maximum clarity and presence, with a wide stereo image. Details
SL - Morphestra KONTAKT (7xDVD-iSO) & NI Kontakt 4 WinAll/MacOSX (2010)
Author: danilko

Sample Logic - Morphestra KONTAKT & NI Kontakt 4
Rls.Date: Feb 2010 | WinAll/MacOSX | Samples | 7xDVD | iSO | ~28 Gb

Morphestra™ is today's cinematic virtual instrument. Sample Logic's award-winning team presents a powerful collection of creatively new and inventive organic instruments. Morphestra is derived entirely from orchestral recordings and psycho-acoustic sound design. In association with Kirk Hunter Studios and powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player 3, Morphestra is an epic collection of over 27 GB and 1200+ instruments and multis delivered pre-installed on a pocket-sized Glyph hard drive. Details
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