Tom Waits – Night On Earth (OST) (1991) (Repost)
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Tom Waits – Night On Earth (OST) (1991) (Repost)
Island Records | 1991 | Soundtrack Rock Jazz Blues | EAC RIP | FLAC+CUE+LOG+HQ-Covers (400Dpi) | 270Mb+8Mb

Night On Earth is a mostly instrumental recording from Tom Waits, and made for the movie with the same title by Jim Jarmusch. The songs are mostly in the vein of his foregoing four studio albums at that time (Swordfishtrombones through Bone Machine - particularly the latter album and Rain Dogs), in that they feature his typically quirky percussion and wind instrument soundscapes - his "junkyard orchestra."…….. Details
Neil Young Dead Man OST
Author: igdfpro

Dead Man - Soundtrack by Neil Young (1996)
Soundtrack | 1CD | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 142.76 Mb
Publisher: Vapor Records | Language: English

Neil Young's Dead Man.
A very original work from Neil. Recorded mostly "a capella".

Neil Young recorded the soundtrack by improvising (mostly on his electric guitar, with some acoustic guitar, piano and organ) as he watched the newly edited film alone in a recording studio -of course, Young did compose the main body of the soundtrack before improvising the entire work. The soundtrack album consists of seven instrumental tracks by Young, with dialog excerpts from the film and Johnny Depp reading the poetry of William Blake interspersed between the music. Details
Tom Waits - Night On Heart
Author: Hungry Mind

Tom Waits - Night On Heart (OST - A film by Jim Jarmusch )
Genre: Waits is a genre himself | Mp3 | 192 Kbps | | 1991 | 72 Mb

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Der Spiegel - Webdossiers des Magazins
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Der Spiegel - Webdossiers des Magazins
PDF | German | 818 MB | Retail | 223 Issues | Over 10.000 Pages
Tom Waits @ AvaxHome - Teampage
Author: Hungry Mind

Tom Waits - Team Project

Spiegel No.36-2005 (in German/auf Deutsch)
Author: michel
Очередной выпуск журнала Spiegel - Spiegel No.36-2005.

«Der Spiegel» (magazine)| 05 September 2005 | Nr. 36 (2005) | German | PDF | 139 Pages | 6.8 Mb | 3.40 Euro

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