Ecce Homo (1968)
Author: MirrorsMaker

Ecce Homo (1968)
DVDRip | AVI | 704 x 416 | XviD @ 2469 Kbps | 84 min | 1,61 Gb
Audio: Italian AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: English (srt)
Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller

Among the debris of an atomic war, Jean, Anna and their son Patrick, a small family, believe that they're the only survivors of the human kind. They have choosen a caravan parked on a beach near a dead city as their house: the sea gives them a lot of food and the city all the needed furnishings. Days are passing with a strange peaceful resignation until two new survivors, Len the soldier and Quentin the highbrow, appear. Spying on the behaviour and the talks of the couple, the newcomers realize that Jean, clearly hostile to them, became impotente because of radiations and so Quentin starts to consider Anna as a real opportunity to perpetuate the human kind..... Details
Deep Secrets: Boys' Friendships and the Crisis of Connection
Author: ChrisRedfield

Niobe Way - Deep Secrets: Boys' Friendships and the Crisis of Connection
Published: 2011-03-15 | ISBN: 0674046641, 0674072421 | PDF | 336 pages | 3 MB
Ao, The Last Neanderthal (2010)
Author: Someonelse

Ao, the last Neanderthal / Ao, le dernier NĂ©andertal (2010)
DVDRip | AVI | 720 x 304 | XviD @ 2130 Kbps | AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps | 01:20:17 | 1,49 Gb
Lang: French (voice over) | Subs: English (srt)
Genre: Adventure, History | France

The epic adventures of Ao (Simon Paul Sutton), the last Neanderthal, and his passionate encounter with the beautiful Aki (Aruna Shields), one of the few Homo-Sapiens to accept and come to love him for what he is. A wonderful hunter, Ao must survive and then battles with terrifying animals of a lost world into savage landscapes. He also protects his family from the most dramatic natural phenomena. But the biggest danger is the "Hyena-Men", clan of the Homo Sapiens that are out to kill him and his species. Details
Inazuman Vol.1
Author: mikestoke

Inazuman Vol.1
English | CBR | 201 pages | 90.69 MB

SABURO KAZEDA is an average school boy, but after he is attacked by the advance guards of the Neo-Human Empire on the way home from school, he starts to develop supernatural powers! The Neo-Human Empire is an organization of mutants with superpowers who plot to turn the world into a place dominated by their own kind, eliminating any homo sapiens that are not mutated. For the mutants of the Empire, homo sapiens are merely 'ancient humans who have not evolved.'The Empire's attacks on humankind awaken the mutant powers hidden inside Saburo. Discovering Saburo's astonishing supernatural powers, the Empire pressures him to join their ranks, but he refuses. The righteous Saburo determines to fight the Empire for the sake of all humankind, using his powers for justice. As he changes into a butterfly-like figure--the MUTANT INAZUMANhe finds that he can control lighting and electricity! Inazman must develop his mighty supernatural powers and take a stand against the Neo-Human Empire. As the evil powers and righteous powers clash together and spark, a furious battle for the survival of mankind begins! Details
The Queers - Pleasant Screams (2002) RESTORED
Author: Rehabilly

The Queers - Pleasant Screams
WV+CUE+LOG or MP3 CBR 320 | All Scans | 303 or 102 MB
Original Recording. Lookout Records # LK 270 CD

The Queers are one of the few bands that effectively blend classic Rock 'N Roll elements - think Doo Wop, Phil Spector, The Beach Boys - with punk rock's energy, power and attitude. They deserve your ears, eyes and hearts... This is the best Queers album since 1996's Don't Back Down! Details
Devo - B Stiff 1978 UK 12" Vinyl Compliation + Mechanical Man 7" Vinyl Single + Bonus Flexi Disc
Author: nertia

Devo - B Stiff 12" + Mechanical Man 7"
(Stiff - ODD1) + (Elevator - NICE1) (Vinyl 16-44.1)
1978 | FLAC | NO LOG & CUE | Artwork 16Bit/44.1kHz: ~258 MB

In 1978 the "Be Stiff EP" was released by English independent label Stiff Records, which included the single "Be Stiff" plus two previous Booji Boy releases. "Mechanical Man", a 4 track 7" EP of demos; apparently a bootleg, rumored to be put out by the band themselves, was also released that year. Details
VA - 101 Punk & New Wave Anthems (2010)
Author: El Misha

VA - 101 Punk & New Wave Anthems (2010)
Punk, New Wave | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 5:25:36 | 766 MB + 5% Recovery
Label: EMI | # 50999 6 47320 2 2 | Tracks: 101 | 2010

101 Punk & New Wave anthems is a whopping compendium of hits that includes the most iconic Punk Rock artists ever including Sex Pistols, The Jam, The Ramones, The Stranglers, Buzzcocks and many others. The album takes us smoothly from one musical defining era to another and introduces the best of the New Waves artists including Simple Minds, Human League, The Fun Boy Three and Adam And The Ants. This is the biggest and best collection of punk and new wave artists from the late '70s and early '80s.
Genesis of the Grail Kings [Repost]
Author: mapusi

Genesis of the Grail Kings: The Explosive Story of Genetic Cloning and the Ancient Bloodline of Jesus by Laurence Gardner
English | Feb 2000 | ISBN: 1862048096 | 316 Pages | PDF | 16 MB

Our race, Homo sapien sapien seems to have evolved out of nowhere--confounding anthropologists for years, and dubbed Darwin's "Missing Link." Yet the answer has been with us all along. Details
Mozart - Missae breves, KV49, KV194, KV220, KV275, KV258, KV192, KV259, KV65 (Reinhard Kammler) [2011]
Author: Sowulo

Mozart - Missae breves, KV49, KV194, KV220, KV275, KV258, KV192, KV259, KV65 (Reinhard Kammler) [2011]
EAC Rip | FLAC, IMG+CUE, LOG | Covers | 2cd, 554.88 MB
Classical | Label: DHM | Catalog Number: RD77090

The words in Latin "Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy" might be affecting to someone with more belief than I have, and I confess are even touching to me who have nearly none, but I have at one time had many recordings of this little mass and they all have some opera lady singing the solo part in the Kyrie which was written for a little boy to sing - and they are stilted, poised and SUCK. But this recording has all the melancholy of adolescence with its thesis of sexual discovery and antithesis of gerontion or whatever...
Male, Female: The Evolution of Human Sex Differences; 2nd Revised edition (repost)
Author: MoneyRich

Male, Female: The Evolution of Human Sex Differences; 2nd Revised edition by David C. Geary
English | 30 Nov. 2009 | ISBN: 1433806827 | 555 Pages | PDF | 36 MB

Why do girls tend to earn better grades in school than boys? Why are men still far more likely than women to earn degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics? And why are men on average more likely to be injured in accidents and fights than women? Details
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