Obstetric Anesthesia Handbook (5th Edition)
Author: Jeembo

Obstetric Anesthesia Handbook (5th Edition) by Sanjay Datta, Bhavani Shankar Kodali, Scott Segal
English | 2010 | ISBN: 038788601X | 470 Pages | EPUB, PDF | 15.5 MB

The fifth edition of this essential handbook retains its useful illustrations and tables, but has been reorganized for ease of use and fully updated. Details
The Internal Auditing Handbook
Author: advisors

The Internal Auditing Handbook By K. H. Spencer Pickett
2010 | 1089 Pages | ISBN: 0470518715 | PDF | 5 MB
The Foundation Engineering Handbook
Author: Lovely

Manjriker Gunaratne "The Foundation Engineering Handbook"
Published by CRC Press | Publication date : January 2006 | ISBN : 020348441X | PDF | 625 pages | English | 7.2 MB

Great strides have been made in the art of foundation design during the last two decades. In situ testing, site improvement techniques, the use of geogrids in the design of retaining walls, modified ACI codes, and ground deformation modeling using finite elements are but a few of the developments that have significantly advanced foundation engineering in recent years. What has been lacking, however, is a comprehensive reference for foundation engineers that incorporates these state-of-the-art concepts and techniques. Details
Handbook for Venous Thromboembolism
Author: Underaglassmoon

Handbook for Venous Thromboembolism
Springer | Medicine | September 28, 2015 | ISBN-10: 331920842X | 124 pages | pdf | 7.2 mb

by Gregory Piazza (Author), Benjamin Hohlfelder (Author), Samuel Z Goldhaber (Author)
The Handbook provides an algorithmic approach to the diagnosis, risk stratification and treatment of VTE
The Handbook provides a high-yield review of the clinical trials and evidence-based guidelines that drive the care of VTE patients
A case-based approach contextualizes the major points of each chapter to aid the reader in understanding and retaining critical pathways in the care of VTE patients
Standard Handbook of Electronic Engineering, 5 Edition (repost)
Author: interes

Donald Christiansen Charles K. Alexander Ronald Jurgen, "Standard Handbook of Electronic Engineering, 5 Edition"
English | 2004 | ISBN: 0071384219 | 2200 pages | PDF | 60,6 MB

The Standard Handbook of Electronics Engineering has defined its field for over thirty years. Spun off in the 1960’s from Fink’s Standard Handbook of Electrical Engineering, the Christiansen book has seen its markets grow rapidly, as electronic engineering and microelectronics became the growth engine of digital computing. The EE market has now undergone another seismic shift—away from computing and into communications and media. The Handbook will retain much of its evergreen basic material, but the key applications sections will now focus upon communications, networked media, and medicine—the eventual destination of the majority of graduating EEs these days.
Handbook of Surface and Colloid Chemistry, Second Edition by David R. Lide
Author: tvladb

Handbook of Surface and Colloid Chemistry, Second Edition by David R. Lide
Publisher: CRC Press; 2 edition (August 27, 2002) | ISBN: 0849310792 | Pages: 784 | PDF | 15.4 MB

The science of surface and colloid chemistry has been expanding at a rapid pace, resulting in new areas of development, additional applications, and more theoretical and experimental information on related systems. Completely revised and expanded to reflect the very active worldwide research on this subject, this is the definitive handbook for the chemistry of surface and colloidal systems. With contributions from a team of international experts, the Handbook of Surface and Colloid Chemistry, Second Edition brings you up-to-date on the most recent developments in this area, with extensive coverage of a range of research subjects. The scope of the second edition includes such topics as interfacial film structures for thin-film formation and emulsion formation; contact angle and adsorption studies to characterize solid surfaces; the impact of the scanning tunneling microscope and the atomic force microscope; and more. The theoretical basis of colloids and their stability is thoroughly described, which will be sure to lead to more fascinating developments. This new edition of the Handbook of Surface and Colloid Chemistry retains the outstanding organization of its bestselling predecessor, while augmenting the text with new research and developments in the field. It continues to provide authoritative information in a format that provides a valuable resource for planning your future research. Details
The Civil Engineering Handbook, 2 Ed (repost)
Author: interes

W.F. Chen, J.Y. Richard Liew, "The Civil Engineering Handbook, 2 Ed"
English | 2002 | ISBN: 0849309581 | 2904 pages | PDF | 25 MB

First published in 1995, the award-winning Civil Engineering Handbook soon became known as the field's definitive reference. To retain its standing as a complete, authoritative resource, the editors have incorporated into this edition the many changes in techniques, tools, and materials that over the last seven years have found their way into civil engineering research and practice. Details
Tech Job Hunt Handbook: Career Management for Technical Professionals
Author: nebulae

Kevin W. Grossman, "Tech Job Hunt Handbook: Career Management for Technical Professionals"
English | ISBN: 1430245484 | 2012 | PDF, EPUB | 280 pages | 12 + 1 MB
The Foundation Engineering Handbook
Author: enmoys

The Foundation Engineering Handbook By Manjriker Gunaratne
2006 | 624 Pages | ISBN: 0849311594 | PDF | 8 MB
The Financial Services Marketing Handbook: Tactics and Techniques That Produce Results (2nd edition) [Repost]
Author: ChrisRedfield

Evelyn Ehrlich, Duke Fanelli - The Financial Services Marketing Handbook: Tactics and Techniques That Produce Results (2nd edition)
Published: 2012-04-03 | ISBN: 1118065719 | PDF | 208 pages | 2 MB
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