Make: Noko, das MP3-Monster: Interaktives Plüschtier mit Arduino, MP3-Player, Radio und Sensoren
Author: AlenMiler

Make: Noko, das MP3-Monster: Interaktives Plüschtier mit Arduino, MP3-Player, Radio und Sensoren by Make-Redaktion
German | 15 Feb. 2017 | ASIN: B06X92M8Q6 | 27 Pages | PDF (True) | 3.86 MB

Der Golem von Prag, Frankensteins Monster, Elisa - stets versuchen Menschen, Dingen Leben einzuhauchen. Heraus kommen Monster, Mythen und Mutationen. Details
Easily and Quickly Get the Body You Desire [MP3]
Author: nothan

Easily and Quickly Get the Body You Desire [MP3]
Srvan | ASIN: N/a | 2007 | MP3 | 124 Mb

Easily and Quickly Get the Body You Desire to Get the Girls, the Perfect 10s, and the Hottest Women...
The fact of the matter is, you don’t need rippling abs or bulging pecs to attract beautiful women. Being able to entertain the girl’s group of friends, displaying solid nonverbal sexual cues, and being dressed well are all great ways to demonstrate value and build attraction.
However, the fact of the matter is that having lots of energy and having a great body IS an instant attractor to women and can be like a “nitro” attraction accelerator when used in conjunction with my other seduction techniques.
With a great body, simply saying “hello” to a girl is enough to get her smiling and talking, and being fit and muscular means that women will go out of their way to keep the conversation going and ask for YOUR phone number.
Girls want a sexually dominant man. And muscles on a man scream sexual dominance. A killer body is a primal sexual cue that women have been programmed to feel attraction for.
Being fit, energetic, and muscular is like having a 10-inch Johnny. Girls don’t need a hung guy to feel incredible pleasure in the bedroom, but psychologically, being pounded by a big one – or a guy with a killer body - is sexually dominating and thrilling to them.
And although you don’t need a great body to have great success with women, if you’re too skinny or too overweight, or just plain out of shape, it’s going to negatively affect your inner game and fuck with your mind internally. You won’t feel that unstoppable confidence you’d otherwise have if you were physically and visually powerful to women. Details
Nadiya : Nadiya FLAC + MP3 + bonus dvd
Author: becomingman
Nadiya : Nadiya FLAC + MP3 + bonus dvd

# CD audio (5 Jui 2006)
# Date de sortie d'origine: 2006
# Nombre de disques: 1
# Label: (label inconnu)

FLAC : 9*50 Mo
MP3 : 4*50 Mo
bonus dvd : 18*50 Mo Details
M.Connelly, "Les Neuf Dragons" / 1CD MP3
Author: TimMa

M.Connelly, "Les Neuf Dragons" / 1CD MP3
Publisher: Sixtrid | 2011 | ASIN: B0050GBF80 | French | MP3 CBR 128 kbps | Lenght: 11:23:00 | 604.64 Mb

Au commissariat de police de Los Angeles, ce genre d'appel anonyme ne surprend personne,et surtout pas Harry Bosch : dépêché depuis peu sur une affaire de meurtre dans le quartier chinois, il soupçonne des activités de racket des triades locales. Details
Carlos Xuma - Get Girlfriend FAST [Audio - MP3]
Author: nothan

Carlos Xuma - Get Girlfriend FAST [Audio - MP3]
Xuma | ASIN: N/a | 2007 | MP3 | 244 Mb

This program includes all 7 Steps of my ultimate men's dating toolkit that outlines the complete dating blueprint for you:
* STEP 1: Self-Confidence Turbo Charger
* STEP 2: Speed Preparation - Understanding women and "The Game..."
* STEP 3: How to Meet and Approach Women
* STEP 4: Closing: Getting the Date - and the Next One...
* STEP 5: Power Dating Dynamics - How to Handle Dating From Start to Finish
* STEP 6: Seduction Success - From the Date to the Bedroom
* STEP 7: Dating Game Plan
* BONUS 1: Alpha Dating Tips - My Secret Attraction Techniques
* BONUS 2: MORE Than Just Friends - How to Turn a Friend Into a Lover...
* BONUS 3: Social Network Dating - Get More Friends and Use Social Circle Skills to Get Girls...
* BONUS 4: Alpha Dating Exercises - My Specific Blueprint for REAL Game Details
Pink - I'm Not Dead FLAC + MP3
Author: becomingman

Pink - I'm Not Dead FLAC + MP3

9*50 Mo FLAC
5*50 Mo MP3

# CD audio (3 avril 2006)
# Nombre de disques: 1
# Label: (label inconnu)
Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money (Audiobook) [HQ MP3]
Author: ksenya.b

Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money (Audiobook) by Daniel Lapin
2010 | MP3 @ 128 kbps; stereo | 17 hrs, 53 mins | ASIN: B004BZKZF0 | 983 MB
Genre: Business, Finance | Read by: A. C. Feliner | Language: English

A practical approach to creating wealth-based on the established principles of ancient Jewish wisdom-made accessible to people of all backgrounds. The ups and downs of the economy prove Rabbi Daniel Lapin's famous principle that the more things change, the more we need to depend upon the things that never change. There's no better source for both practical and spiritual financial wisdom than the time-tested knowledge found in the ancient Jewish faith and its culture.
EE Doc Smith's Lensman Series - Vortex Blaster (MP3 Unabridged)
Author: LGM1
The Vortex Blaster

EE Doc Smith's Lensman Series - Vortex Blaster (Unabridged)
Books In Motion | ASIN: B000S18NQE | MP3 128 kbps mono 44100
7 hours and 24 min | 4 x 100 MB + 68 MB

One man against the basic energy of the universe, unleashed in a ravening fury: that's Dr. Neal "Storm" Cloud. Unique is the only way to describe him. Alone in his single-handed battle, he finds that the appalling destructiveness of a loose atomic vortex can be canceled out only by destroying the vortex itself. While not even the most massive and modern of computers could figure out how to destroy a loose vortex, "Storm" Cloud can - and does. Details
Marcelo Zarvos - ''Music Journal'' - 2000 MA recordings - FLAC 242.1mb - Mp3 320kbps 101.5mb
Author: radialcyclo
Marcelo Zarvos - Music Journal

Marcelo Zarvos - Music Journal (2000)
RS | World Jazz | 1CD | Label: M.A Recordings |
File format Mp3 or Flac | MP3 320 Kbps | 110 Mb | FLAC | 242.1 Mb |
| No Cue + No Log | Front cover | Publisher: M.A Recordings | Released 2000

Brazilian pianist/composer Marcelo Zarvos continues to stake out his own musical territory at the crossroads of world music, classical, and jazz. His passion for his own country`s folklore and his natural gift as an improviser find their expression in elegantly crafted compositions, a highly personal genre he sometimes calls "world chamber music." Music Journal builds on the fusion of jazz and classical elements Zarvos forged on Dualism (M033A), his 1995 duo release with saxophonist Peter Epstein, and especially the critically acclaimed 1997 quintet album Labyrinths (M040A), with its incorporation of explicitly Brazilian elements. Music Journal features Epstein on soprano saxophone as well as Labyrinths` veterans Dorothy Lawson on cello and Mauro Refosco on percussion, and two newcomers, Chris Dahlgren on bass, and Satoshi Takeishi on drums and percussion. With a greater emphasis on composition, these new entries in Zarvos' repertoire distill his diverse experiences into vibrant, luminous music unlike anything else on the contemporary scene.
Perry Rhodan NEO - Folge 1-36
Author: thingska

Perry Rhodan NEO - Folge 1-36
Time: ~199 Stunden | Publisher: Eins A Medien | 2011-2013 | Language: Deutsch | Audiobook in MP3 / 192 kbps | ~18 GB

Bin seit der Neo Reihe treuer Anhänger dieser Serie! Ich muss sagen, dass mich bisher noch kein Roman(Teil) enttäuscht hat. Gut und spannend geschrieben. Sehr kurzweilige Handlung. Es wirkt alles erwachsener und nachvollziehbarer. Tolle Rhodan-Reihe, die neugierig auf mehr macht. Spannender Aufbau und auch sprachlich gut umgesetzt. Da bekommt man Lust am Ball zu bleiben und auch die weiteren Bände zu hören. Empfehlung! Details
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