Udemy – Speak German Fluently In Less than 4 Months!
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Udemy – Speak German Fluently In Less than 4 Months!
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This is the flagship course from Dr. Bogard's Time to Learn German school, offered here at Udemy at a special price. This is a professional, effective, full semester video course that makes it possible for you to have a conversation in German much faster than in any traditional classroom. You won't get a podcast course with the professor lecturing, while you stare at a static image that's been turned into a video. You won't be falling asleep either, because you will be engaged in challenging work, that moves along at the pace you choose. You will watch Dr. Bogard, and complete your lessons, as she walks you step by step through the process of acquiring German. The entire course should take you about 12-16 weeks to complete.
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