RAR Expert v1.0 Multilingual Mac OS X
Author: Artist14

RAR Expert v1.0 Multilingual Mac OS X | 22.6 MB
Languages: English, Arabic, Bokmål, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Czech, French, German, Italian,
Japanese, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish

RAR Expert is an easy-to-use, fast compressed file extractor. With RAR Expert, you only need to double click the archive file to decompress it. RAR Expert also support decompress password protected files and batch extracting. Details
Okoker Optimize Expert v1.0
Author: webgurru

Okoker Optimize Expert v1.0 | Win32 | 3.49MB

Okoker Optimize Expert is a professional registry optimizer that accelerate windows system, and enhance the performance of your computer. The software

provides 6 kinds of schemes, it's easy to safely optimize, clean and repair registry with the optimization scheme. A beautiful interface that make you happy and ease.
Torrent Search Expert v1.0
Author: serfar
Помниться когда я поставил на эти страницы программу Craagle
для поиска кряков в дремучих и опасных закоулках сети,
люди спрашивали нечто подобное для поиска нужных торрентфайлов .Сам я пиринговыми сетью не пользуюсь, далеко не по идейным соображениям , а ввиду слабой скорости диалапного подключения.

Konami Digital Entertainment Powerpros Touch v1.0 iPhone iPod Touch-COREPDA
Author: J0E.

Konami Digital Entertainment Powerpros Touch v1.0 iPhone iPod Touch-COREPDA
Game | Platform: iPhone iPod Touch | Language: English | 63.4 MB

The long-running Japanese baseball videogame franchise, PowerPros, comes to your iPhone/iPod touch!. Play is simple: Tap and slide your finger to pitch, hit, and run. Details
iQ Browser v1.0.9 Portable
Author: garivamaxo

iQ Browser v1.0.9 Portable | 7 Mb

At iQ, we know how important speed is, which is why iQ comes with a smarter memory optimization system, requiring just 2.268M of RAM at startup, less than one third of Internet Explorer 7 and one tenth of Firefox. Memory optimization makes iQ faster to start and quicker at loading pages, so you can spend more time enjoying the web. iQ is also multi-threaded, delivering faster multi-tab browsing, enhanced stability and better javascript execution. Details
4Media ISO Creator v1.0.14.0922
Author: bathrinath

4Media ISO Creator v1.0.14.0922 | 5MB

Still being troubled with how to creat ISO image file from CD or DVD? Now, owning 4Media ISO Creator, you have the ability to make all the contents of CD/DVD into ISO image files for backup on your computer or other storage medium at the fastest speed. 4Media ISO Creator supports creating ISO image file not only from CD/DVD data disc, but also DVD media disc. Details
Jane Angel: Templar Mystery v1.0
Author: baloch

Jane Angel: Templar Mystery v1.0 | 62 MB

Jane Angel, an FBI agent and an art expert, is investigating the Holy Grail! Follow the clues and find this priceless treasure! Where could the Holy Grail be found nowadays? Was it brought to Colombia by Columbus under the Red Templar’s Cross on his sails? Was it buried under Roslyn Chapel in Scottish Mountains? Are Maltese Knights, Hospitaller considered to be the keepers of the Holy Grail? Discover the truth in Jane Angel: Templar Mystery, a gorgeous Hidden Object game. Details
Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse v1.0 Portable
Author: Mast3r

Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse v1.0 Portable | 134 MB

Kate receives a call from her old friend Archibald Jones, a professor who’s an expert in ancient civilizations. He asks her to retrieve a very important briefcase from a secret location in New York City and deliver it to the authorities, but before he can explain further, Kate hears voices and then the call ends abruptly. Help Kate save her friend and find the mysterious briefcase! Travel across the world in Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse, a fun Hidden Object game. Details
World Riddles: Animals v1.0 Portable
Author: baloch

World Riddles: Animals v1.0 Portable | 25 MB

Logic game fans rejoice! World Riddles: Animals, a casual offering packed with refreshing challenges, has arrived! Picture a grid of tiles with numbers along the side of each column and row. The numbers indicate how many globes are hidden under the tiles that make up each column and row. Using these clues, you must find and uncover the globes without clicking too many of the wrong tiles. Along the way, you'll visit seven continents, play delightful mini-games and learn fascinating facts about the animal kingdom. Can you earn the Expert Medallion? Details
Nanny 911 v1.0 Portable
Author: baloch

Nanny 911 v1.0 Portable | 74 MB

When the kids are out of control and the parents don`t know what to do, they call for the best help in the world, Nanny 911! Playing as one of three nannies, you help direct a troubled family to health and happiness by providing instructions, friendly feedback and valuable life lessons over the course of seven days. This family can be saved, but only with your Time Management skills and expert help! Details
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