David 3.0 for D/S and Poser
Author: ...Pose_Master

Daz3D / Poser Character

David with Morph Packs and Textures 9 files / 38.8mb
Tengel For David
Author: Alexpal

Tengel For David | 27 Mb
Rogues for David
Author: Alexpal

Rogues for David | 15 Mb

Add a little variety to your runtime with Rogues for David. Rogues features custom morphs and textures to create Pirates, Rogues and other scoundrels. This is set is intended for use with other products in the 'Princess and the Pirate' line but can be used alone as well. Details
GetReal for David
Author: Alexpal

GetReal for David | 33 Mb

Now it's time to get your David into Adonis-like shape, and get him rendering like the dream you've always wanted. GetReal for David is a texture set and body shape built for David. While the body shape is built only for David, the textures are compatible with all of your Millennium men, including Michael 3.0, Hiro, and even the Freak. Details
The PIRATE for David
Author: Alexpal

The PIRATE for David | 26 Mb

Avast ye maties! quake in your boots because the most feared pirate on the Spanish main is coming to your runtime. That's right David has gone Rogue, and is hell bent for plunder.
The new outfit for David includes, a Sexy lace up shirt with baggy sleeves, Loose Sailor breaches with a sash belt, Buccaneer boots, and a Bandana with built in hair. Details
Christian Select
Author: Alexpal

Christian Select | 1 Mb

30 Unique characters in one pack!
Looking for that distinguished villain, heroic good looks or the plain thug? This pack will surely have it.
Christian Select contains ten head morphs each for Michael 3, David 3 and The Freak. These morphs were carefully created to extract personality from each model. All of which have unique distinguishing features that add beauty to character. Details
Griffin for H3-D3-L3-M3
Author: Alexpal

Griffin for H3-D3-L3-M3 | 10 Mb

Griffin is a handsome, sensual young male character for Michael, David, Hiro and Luke. He comes with both a smooth and a hairy body texture, two bearded head textures and five gleaming eye colors that may weaken your knees. Dreamy and versatile, Griffin will add excitement and a tingly measure of testosterone to your Poser fantasies. Details
Merge Visible: BIG CAT
Author: Alexpal

Merge Visible: BIG CAT | 50 Mb

Transform your DAZ Characters into part human, part big cat hybrids with these High Resolution textures. Leopard, Lion and Tiger maps for Michael 3, Victoria 3, The Freak, Aiko 3, Hiro 3, David and Stephanie 3.
The textures in this product can be used with or without Feline Head and Ear Morphs(see pop up images).
The DAZ Head and Body morphs were used for the Feline head/ear morphs, muscular morphs and teeth fangs. Details
More content for Poser
Author: real_ratibor

More models for Poser.
Cade for D3
Author: Alexpal

Cade for D3 | 47 Mb

Cade is a new, highly detailed texture set for David 3. Cade includes a masculine character morph sure to steam up any render!
The entire package include 2 gorgeous head textures, one with hair and one without. Morph INJ Poses for the head, body, and both make Cade easy to start working with. Four eye colors are included, each with both normal and glassy variations. Details
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