Various Artists - Ben Weasel Presents: Punk USA (1994) RESTORED
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V.A. - Ben Weasel Presents: Punk USA (1994)
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The Collection of Rare or Unreleased Tracks | Lookout Records # 77-2
Screeching Weasel & Born Against - El Mozote/Janelle (Split 1993)
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Screeching Weasel & Born Against - El Mozote/Janelle (Split)
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Screeching Weasel/Born Against split is a split EP featuring Screeching Weasel and Born Against. It was released in 1993 on 7" vinyl by Lookout! Records. The premise of this record is that Born Against wrote music for lyrics written by Screeching Weasel and vice-versa. The double-sided cover art plays on their different styles, political hardcore and pop punk, as well. Details
The Riverdales - Invasion USA (2009) RESTORED
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Riverdales - Invasion USA (2009)
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They are back with a brand new album...
The Queers - An Incomplete Discography (1982-2032) «All Fools' Day Release»
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The Queers are an American Punk Rock band formed in 1982, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The Queers play pop punk as it was originally intended. Raw, fast with infectious beats and catchy, light lyrics. Technically, they play a Ramones-derived style of Punk Rock. Much like the Ramones, common lyrical themes are girls, idiots, alcohol and having fun. Musically the band deviates slightly from the driving rhythm guitar sound of the Ramones and intensify their songs with bubblegum vocal harmonies, handclaps, keyboards and melodic guitar solos. Their style a multiple times has been described as "The Ramones meets The Beach Boys". The band also well known for the variety of cover versions they include on their records and in live appearances. Consistently touring the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia the Queers have gained a large cult following in the punk underground. Today, The Queers have remains the last active group from the "Holy Trinity of Old School Pop Punk"...
Summer Fun With The Squirtgun - Squirtgun's Complete CD Collection (1993-2013) RESTORED
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Summer Fun With The Squirtgun - Squirtgun's Complete CD Collection (1993-2013)
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Full of plenty of energy and fervor, Squirtgun plays melodic punk rock in the Lookout Records tradition, drawing on bands like an early Green Day, the Descendents and Screeching Weasel. The band formed in the fall of 1993 when the famous punk rock producer and bassist Mass Giorgini decided to form a new band out of the remnants of his old band, Rattail Grenadier.
☆ File under: Oldiescore - The Beatnik Termites CDgraphy (1995-2003) [REFRESHED & RESTORED] ☆
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File under: Oldiescore - The Beatnik Termites CDgraphy (1995-2003)
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The Beatnik Termites are a Cleveland, Ohio power pop band with a heavy surf rock influence. Their sound and vocals are similar in style to the Beach Boys and early 1960s girl groups. While often lumped under the category pop punk, what sets them apart from other bands in this genre is their more complicated melodies, vocal arrangements, and mid-tempo beats. They are seen as the progenitors of subgenre of punk dubbed oldies-core, which is characterized by sugary doo-wop/oldies-influenced harmonies coupled with aggressive buzzsaw guitars and surf punk drumbeats. Details
The Riverdales - Tarantula (2010) RESTORED
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Riverdales - Tarantula (2010)
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The Riverdales follow up last year's "Invasion USA" with "Tarantula", 30 minutes of their heaviest yet catchiest songs to date! Initially meant to be part of "Invasion USA", these tunes stood out on their own enough to be their own best. A good old fashioned American Power Pop...from an America that doesn't exist anymore. Very underrated album. Details
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