Yve for Aiko 3
Author: Alexpal

Yve for Aiko 3 | 20 Mb

Yve for Aiko 3 is perhaps the most beautiful Aiko 3 character ever created by Illusions Designs. She has tremendous skin color and definition, great body and facial features and she renders excellent with any light set.
She comes with beautiful make up and eye color texture sets and and 3 incredible second skin mats. Scroll down and see how Yve A3 is definitely a must on your Runtime folder. Details
Michiko for Aiko 3.0
Author: Alexpal

Michiko for Aiko 3.0 | 21 Mb

Michiko (child of Michi) is another great addition to your Aiko 3 collection. She is designed to be subtle and simple yet beautiful when rendered. Like L75 Chizu she is designed to add loads of personality to Aiko 3. Details
Pazu for Aiko 3
Author: Alexpal

Pazu for Aiko 3 | 22 Mb

Not only is she adorably cute, but she's smart as well - Pazu (PAH-zoo) would rather study her magic books than almost anything else. This little doll for Aiko 3 comes with lots of options for creating beautiful renders in Poser 6 or above and DAZ Studio. Better watch out though, her magic spells don't always work out as planned.... Details
DAZ3D - Made in Japan Bundle (Aiko 3)
Author: Alexpal

DAZ3D - Made in Japan Bundle (Aiko 3) | 26 Mb

Three reknowned artists from the Land of the Rising Sun contribute to the ulimate authentic anime bundle for Aiko. The Sailor Uniform from Billy-T, the Captain's Uniform from BATLabs and XinXin by Yamato are must-haves in any Aiko collection. Details
Little Beauty for Aiko 3
Author: Alexpal

Little Beauty for Aiko 3 | 10 Mb

Little Beauty for Aiko 3, based on digital Photos and ressources.
She looks so sweet and she is beautiful for fairie or naturally renders.
Fantasy Wrap 2 for Aiko 3.0
Author: Alexpal

Fantasy Wrap 2 for Aiko 3.0 | 7 Mb

The Fantasy Wrap 2, now for Aiko! With multiple CR2\'s included, the Fantasy Wrap 2 can be a body wrap only or it can have draping tails on the front and/or back. Material zones will even allow you to turn the fantasy wrap into a loin cloth or a torso wrap. Elegant and graceful, it adds an artistic touch to any render. Details
Malice for V3, S3P & Aiko 3
Author: Alexpal

Malice for V3, S3P & Aiko 3 | 22 Mb

Product Requirements: Poser 4 / Poser Pro Pack/Poser 5 and the above mentioned models.

A delightfuly, dark and gothy mistress who is anything but dreary! Introducing Malice! Character Skinz for Victoria 3, Stephanie 3 Petite and Aiko 3. Details
Aiko 3 Towel Set
Author: Alexpal

Aiko 3 Towel Set | 38 Mb

Quality towel set for Aiko 3. Includes Chest, Waist, Head and Body towels all with naturally sculpted folds and high quality bump mapping for that extra fluffy feel. Compatible with Poser 4 - 7 and DAZ Studio. Details
Ichikawa for Aiko 3
Author: Alexpal

Ichikawa for Aiko 3 | 12 Mb

A casual outfit for Aiko 3 including Top, Shorts and Shoes with 3 texture sets and corresponding MAT pose files. Specific MAT pose files for P4/PP/P5-6 to ensure correct loading of bumpmaps and material settings.
5 Supported FBM's each using ERC to automatically adjust to fit morphs applied to the figure in poser 4, 5 and 6 (consult readme for instructions). Details
Funk: Aiko 3
Author: Alexpal

Funk: Aiko 3 | 22 Mb

Feel the Funk and boogie on down with this cute bunny! Presentng Funk for Aiko 3, a groovy set of threads including Blouse, Jeans and Boots with hip sunglasses for that final bit of cool.
Keep it real and get the groove on with Funk today. Can you dig it? Details
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