FM 7-10: The Infantry Rifle Company
Author: Anotoleo

FM 7-10: The Infantry Rifle Company
Headquarters, Department of the Army | ASIN: B003ZKB6H8 | edition 2000 | PDF | 471 pages | 14,4 MB

This manual provides doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures on how all infantry rifle companies fight. Infantry rifle companies include light infantry companies, air assault, airborne, ranger, and H-series infantry. The primary audiences for this manual are the rifle company commander; his executive officer, first sergeant, and platoon leaders; instructors in TRADOC schools; and writers of infantry training literature. The secondary audiences include other infantry company commanders (HHC and antiarmor), infantry battalion staff officers, service schools, and ROTC and military academy instructors.
Operational Performance of the US 28th Infantry Division September to December 1944
Author: AlenMiler

Operational Performance of the US 28th Infantry Division September to December 1944 by Major Jeffrey P. Holt
English | Apr 14, 2014 | ASIN: B00JPKEPDO | 146 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 4.7 MB

This study analyzes the operational performance of the 28th Infantry Division during a period of high intensity combat in the European Theater of Operations. The focus is on the difficulties the division experienced within its subordinate infantry units. Details
2nd Infantry Division Motorized 1921-1945 Illustrated
Author: AlenMiler

2nd Infantry Division Motorized 1921-1945 Illustrated (Wehrmacht Infantry Divisions) by German Army Center Military History
English | April 3, 2015 | ASIN: B00VOBJVOA | 150 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 14.7 MB

The division incorporated the 4th and 5th (Prussian) Infantry Regiments of the Reichswehrs 2nd Infantry Division, though it took nothing of the previous division's command structure. Originally known as the Wehrgauleitung Stettin, it recruited its personnel mainly from Pomerania and East Prussia, and was known unofficially as the Pommerische or Pomeranian Division. Details
World War II US Armored Infantry Tactics
Author: Freb

Gordon Rottman, Peter Dennis World War II US Armored Infantry Tactics
Osprey Publishing | 2009 | ISBN: 1846036925 | 64 pages | PDF | 24 MB

Little has been published on US armored infantry units and tactics over the years despite their key role in World War II. There were a total of 57 armored infantry battalions and two regiments that served throughout the war and in all theaters. Equipped with halftracks, they fought as part of combined arms teams and combat commands alongside tanks, tank destroyers and artillery battalions. Significantly, they were not simply standard infantry battalions provided with halftracks. Their company and platoon organization was very different from the standard infantry unit and these highly mobile, heavily armed battalions fought in an entirely different manner. Using period training manuals and combat reports this book provides an exclusive look at the unique tactics developed by US armored infantry units including movement formations and battle drills. Details
Flames of War Stars & Stripes: Intelligence Handbook on US Armored and Infantry Forces (repost)
Author: MoneyRich

Phil Yates, "Flames of War Stars & Stripes: Intelligence Handbook on US Armored and Infantry Forces"
Battle Front Miniatures | 2005 | 74 Pages | ISBN: 0958253625 | PDF | 25 MB

The badge of the Is1 Infantry Division was a large red ' 1' on a green background, giving the Division its nickname— 'Big Red One*. The Division consisted of three infantry regiments, the 16th 18th and 26th. The 16th and 18th Infantry Regiments had a long history having fought in the American Civil War. the Spanish American War. and the First World War. The history of the 26,h Infantry Regiment was nearly as illustrious. It was formed in 1901 and had fought in the Philippines and in the First World War. where these regiments First came together as a permanent division. Details
US Army Infantry Divisions 1944-45 (repost)
Author: libr

US Army Infantry Divisions 1944-45 (Battle Orders 24) By John Sayen
English | 2007 | 96 Pages | ISBN: 1846031192 | PDF | 36 MB

This work is a complete overview of the evolving organization, tactics, doctrine, weapons and equipment of the US Infantry in the Pacific, Mediterranean and European theatres, from 1944 to the war's end. This follow-up to Battle Orders 17: US Army Infantry Divisions 1942-43, covers the critical period 1944-45 when changes instituted by Lieutenant General Leslie J McNair, the head of the Army Ground Forces and an organizational genius, were imposed on an army reluctant to change.
Infantry in Battle - The Infantry Journal (1939)
Author: mcrimea

The Infantry Journal, "Infantry in Battle"
The Infantry Journal, Inc., Washington, D.C. | 1939 (USACGSC reprint) | ISBN: none | 420 pgs. | PDF | 212MB

An extensive compilation of actual battlefield actions from World War One intended to educate the modern infantry officer in the complexities and stresses of warfare. The schoolhouse and maneuver field training for young officers was seen as insufficient and this book was an attempt to show how things rarely go according to plan, and that initiative, intelligence, and a level head were necessary for combat success. Chapters cover obscurity, simplicity, terrain, space and time, mobility, surprise, orders, plans, control, supervision, direction, fire and movement, machine guns, advance to the attack, battle reconnaissance, night attacks, tenacity and optimism, morale, artillery, and more. The examples come from US, German, British, and French experiences. Details
Second World War Infantry Tactics: The European Theatre [Repost]
Author: thingska

Second World War Infantry Tactics: The European Theatre by Stephen Bull
English | July 19, 2012 | ISBN: 1848840705 | 224 Pages | EPUB | 10.2 MB
Infantry Warfare in the Early Fourteenth Century by Kelly DeVries (Repost)
Author: thingska

Infantry Warfare in the Early Fourteenth Century by Kelly DeVries
English | Aug 28, 1996 | ISBN: 0851155677, 0851155715 | 224 Pages | EPUB | 3.3 MB
Austrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars (1) : Infantry (repost)
Author: MoneyRich

Austrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars (1) : Infantry (Men-At-Arms Series, 176) by Philip Haythornthwaite
Osprey Publishing; First Edition | July 24, 1986 | English | ISBN: 0850456894 | 48 pages | PDF | 43 MB

The most implacable of Napoleon's continental enemies, at the outbreak of war Austria maintained a vast army, but one rooted firmly in the 18th century. Hampered by the inherent conservatism of the hierarchy, the Austrians had to fight the most modern army in Europe. Despite this the regulars, who were drawn from many territories under Austrian sway, performed with great discipline, resolution and stoicism. This title examines in detail the organisation, uniforms, deployment and development of the Austrian infantry during the Napoleonic Wars, covering Line infantry, Light infantry, Grenz-Infanterie, Landwehr militia, and Frei-Corps units. Details
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