Evelyn Waugh: A Life Revisited
Author: IrGens

Evelyn Waugh: A Life Revisited by Philip Eade
English | October 11, 2016 | ISBN: 0805097600, 0297609483 | EPUB | 432 pages | 8.7 MB
Evelyn Waugh, "Diablerie"
Author: TimMa

Evelyn Waugh, "Diablerie"
Publisher: UGE | 1982 | ISBN: 2264004657 | French | PDF | 282 pages | 6.54 Mb

Satire sur les efforts de Hailé Sélassié Ier pour moderniser l'Abyssinie. "Lorsqu'on publia dans la collection 10/18, en 1982, «Diablerie» du romancier britannique Evelyn Waugh, ce fut sans préciser le titre anglais de l'oeuvre ni sa date de parution. C'est à la fin des années trente semble-t-il que le public fut invité à suivre Basil Seal quelque part en Afrique, en Azanie, dans un Zanzibar de fantaisie.[...]
The Same Man: George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh in Love and War
Author: tukotikko

The Same Man: George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh in Love and War By David Lebedoff
2008 | 288 Pages | ISBN: 1400066344 | EPUB | 1 MB
An Evelyn Waugh Chronology by Norman Page
Author: tanas.olesya

An Evelyn Waugh Chronology by Norman Page
English | 21 July 1997 | ISBN: 0333638948, 0312174179 | 221 Pages | PDF | 9 MB

This chronology covers the whole sweep of Evelyn Waugh's varied and eventful life and career, including his numerous friendships, his active social life and his exotic travels. Drawing on Waugh's own letters and diaries as well as other sources, it provides accurate and detailed information in a highly accessible form. Details
Evelyn Waugh 'Vile Bodies'
Author: aboox
"Evelyn Waugh 'Vile Bodies'''

Evelyn Waugh 'Vile Bodies'
Audiobook | Publisher: Chivers Audio Books, unabridged | ISBN: 075408406X | 2005 | English | MP3 128 Kbps | 309 MB

Evelyn Waugh's second novel, VILE BODIES, is his tribute to London's smart set. It introduces us to society as it used to be but that now is gone forever, and probably for good. Details
Brideshead Revisited (A CSA Word Classic) by Evelyn Waugh (Repost)
Author: serpmolot

Brideshead Revisited (A CSA Word Classic) by Evelyn Waugh (Repost)
Audiobook Unabridged | English | September 26, 2008 | ISBN: 1934997056 | ASIN: B005DTCOXO | m4b | 2 ch 64 Kbps | 11 hrs 32 min | 323 MB
Evelyn Waugh - Scoop
Author: SSCN1926

Evelyn Waugh - Scoop
German | Diogenes | 2013 | EPUB | Pages 312 | ISBN: 3257242743 | 1.65 Mb
At War with Waugh: The Real Story of Scoop - W. F. Deedes
Author: jack23

At War with Waugh: The Real Story of Scoop - William Deedes
Publisher: Pan Macmillan (August 12, 2004) | Language: English | ISBN-10: 033041268X | 137.97 MB
Narrator: William Deedes | Mp3/64 Kbps/CBR/44100Hz/Mono | 7% Recovery

Political and literary history was made when W. F. Deeds met Evelyn Waugh in 1935. Both were in Abyssinia to cover a war which many in England regarded with bewildered indifference but which profoundly influenced an impending global conflict. While Deeds was primarily concerned with filing copy to London, Evelyn Waugh was busy writing a novel called Scoop. As Waugh drank, played poker, and observed the characters that filled the bars of Addis Ababa, he became close friends with Deeds, although Deeds has always denied his association with Scoop's "Boot," as depicted in the novel. This is an interesting portrait of Waugh during wartime as told by a close friend.
Waugh - Brideshead Revisited - Audio Book - Jeremy Irons - 56 kbps
Author: isabeau
Waugh - Brideshead Revisited- Audio

Evelyn Waugh, "Brideshead Revisited"
Narrator: Jeremy Irons | Audio Books : Novel : MP3/56Kbps : English | 264MB

A departure from Evelyn Waugh's normally comic theater, Brideshead Revisited concerns the tale of Charles Ryder, a captain in the British Army in post-World War I England. Unlike Waugh's previous narrators, Ryder is an intelligent man, looking back on much of his life from his current post in Oxford. He strikes a special friendship with Lord Sebastian Flyte as the setting moves to the Brideshead estate and a baroque castle that recalls England's prior standing in the world. Ryder falls for Flyte's sister while families, politics and religions collide. What makes the book extraordinary is Waugh's sharp, vivid style and his use of dialect and minor characters. This is one of Waugh's finest accomplishments and a superb book. Details
The Complete Stories (Audiobook)
Author: interes

The Complete Stories (Audiobook) by Evelyn Waugh
English | 2012 | ISBN: 1619695812 , 1619695847 | 19 hr., 46 min. | MP3 128 kbps | 939 MB

Evelyn Waugh’s short fiction reveals in miniaturized perfection the elements that made him the greatest satirist of the twentieth century. The stories collected here range from delightfully barbed portraits of the British upper classes to an alternative ending to Waugh’s novel A Handful of Dust... Details
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